No Man's Land: Toledo Bend History

No Man’s Land was a lawless territory between competing colonial empires and the United States, along the present-day border between Texas and Louisiana. This territory was a 5,000 square-mile piece of land that no one wanted. It went by many names such as, The Freestate of Sabine, The Neutral Strip, No Man’s Land, and many more. For 13 years, this stretch of lawless territory set ungoverned on Louisiana’s western edge stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the El Camino Real.

The El Camino Real was the highway that connected Mexico City to Los Adaes in Robeline, LA. No Man’s Land was a place of life and death and where justice surely could not be found. No Man’s Land was a place where you could find espionage and treason, outlaws and pirates, runaway slaves and treasure hunters. A place where savages were equal and no boundaries were mentioned.

Eventually governments went to war over this territory and the people of various backgrounds and cultures made No Man’s Land their home. The No Man’s Land eventually found hope and opportunity.